Revision & Check

  • Ladders and Ladder systems
    in wind turbines
  • Fall arrest systems in wind
  • Tower installed equipment,
    platforms, etc. in wind turbines
  • Lift systems, climbing assist
  • Crane- and hoisting devices

Services > Revision & Check

In-service inspections, Final-Checks, controlling of bolted assemblies and general
revisions of processing and installation in the field of steel structural engineering
make high demands in terms of security and actuarial relevance on the surveying

Our staff members regularly pass through trainings organized by the relevant
manufacturers. Hence, we guarantee high quality checks of the tower installed
equipment of wind turbines as well as in the field of steel structural engineering
in general based on the standards according to DIN-EN-ISO, the relevant industrial
injuries corporation guidelines as well as the respective manufacturer manuals.

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